söndag 13 november 2011

white light

All this violence around little boys must be good for something.
Sigge on top of a little mountain. All dressed up for the cold.
The rest of a castle never built in Haga - Vik and a friend. Notice the sword.

November has been very warm and flowers are starting to come out again. The sun is so low at this time of the year and it gives a very peculiar light. The sky is clear and high. It goes dark at 4 pm. The children are fine.Life goes on as usual and we are settled. Strange to write and strange to feel. Went with Viktor to a kiddies party and it is good to see he ended up in a good group of kids at school. The biggest obstacles are to hang our paintings and plan for book-shelves and little things around the house.

måndag 7 november 2011

The benefits of a big sister in the house

Viktor is very into his nail polish. When the school organised a pyjama party he insisted on weraing a nightie and Cara said she would thump anyone bothering her brother for wearing a girl's nightie. No thumping was necessary - it is very much a non-issue with little boys in dresses here. Same goes for Marcus and I am happy that these boys are given the possibility to play with jewelry and dresses and dolls. But more than the political correctness and I just love these pictures and I love all the little interactions that take place between all members of our house-hold. I found Marcus like this one day and have no idea who put on the neck-lace on his head.

I have been away for a conference in Innsbruck, Austria. It was good to sleep undisturbed for a few nights, I had time to think and work and talk about my work and I feel much less tired now which is good. I came home to the sad news of my Godfather's death - farbror Sven lived to be 97 years old and died peacefully and painless. But it is becoming clear that my parents' circle of friends are slowly disappearing - oncle Arne Bakken and tante Sigi and farbror Sven and many more - it is sad as I learnt a lot from the oldies and it makes me feel a little lonely in the world, like an umbrella of experienced people is disintegrating slowly above me. Will go and see tant Dagmar, my Godmother, later this week and tell her how important farbror Sven has been in my choice of career, he was my role model of an eccentric free-spirited professor at Karolinska at a time when there was still space for eccentric free-spirited professors in the scientific community. Ramling. Will go and read my book instead!