söndag 7 augusti 2011

leaving sigge is heart-breaking.

Leaving Sigge to Martin is not the issue-martin is as good a carer as me and Sigge will be fine - but I will be missing time with our new precious little being.
This last week has been a good ending to a lovely summer - here at björnö - swam for half a day.
Cara and Viktor loves Brunnsviken and it is only a short bike-ride away.
and this has been the best breast-feeding scene this summer.

me, me, me.... just wrote a long teary piece about going back to work - which I am really looking forward to but it is heart-breaking to leave an infant too. Equality is tough. nuff said, this blog is supposed to be about Sigge, not his whimsical mother. Martin will have a splendid time. Now I will feed my baby boy, and I post a few snippets of my high-lights lately. This summer has been fantastic!

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