måndag 1 augusti 2011

Hand-over week

Martin's turn to get the vomity wonderfulness of Sigge for a bit.
and my turn to go to work without my little buberle
I have been tired lately, something to do with the three month dip in hormones I guess, I loose handfuls of hair every day and the days feels like a massive wall of thick jelly I have to get through. Had the same with Vik and Cara - cold showers works beautifully but at the moment the water is not cold enough.

all this hair doesn't help - Sigge likes grabbing it and today I had enough
so I cut it all off. Meanwhile Martin took the kids to an ice-cream shop and a park so Sigge could talk to some branches. Yesterday we went for a dip in the archipelago, lots of branches there, tomorrow a garden-party, Thursday probably back to the archipelago, Friday I work but I am sure Martin will find Sigge a nice tree and then the first phase of my parental leave is over, Martin takes a few weeks on his own to get into the rythm of Sigge and then we share - very excited to find out how it will work.

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