söndag 31 juli 2011

Two of a kind

We have a formula for kids, they are all variations on the same theme. Cara and Viktor have similar eyes, mouth, noses but although the parts are similar they are set slightly different in their faces. Viktor is starting to look like Martin after years of being a spitting image of my Dad and Cara and I so alike we could be cloned. And then sometimes Martin will shine though Cara and Viktor will look like Dad again - all a big soup of genetic recombination. Sigge is a Martin look-alike with Cara's temper - at least we think so - unfortunately no-one seems to remember what Martin looked like and we have no pictures to compare him too. In personalities they differ more and when Viktor always was a very easy and happy baby, Cara and Sigge are more temperamental. Viktor picked up some challenging liveliness when he started to walk so we are possibly looking at a combination of a temperamental baby and a lively toddler in Sigge. Will be interesting to follow the sibling interactions over the years, at the moment Cara treats Sigge like a human doll, cuddles him, change his clothes, picks him up and keeps him in bed, stroking him like a puppy when she is reading.

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