lördag 15 oktober 2011

Crisp autumn air

Hagaparken is one of my best places in Stockholm. Five minutes away we have the perfect mix of city life and a possibility to get out and smell some soil.
Cara and Viktor are somewhere in the darkness ahead. It is good to have a nearby park where they can bike.
Our little beach was deserted. Should have gone for a dip to wake up!
Cara didn't want to come along for the ride and then she couldn't stop smiling.
Wonderful late autumn sun, cold and clear and sharp. Sigge having wonderful conversation with my sis.
Cara and Viktor ventured down the slope and only fell a little bit. The pictures doesn't really make the slope justice - like Dead Poets Society but with a better view.
every outing is an adventure, here we found that they are rebuilding the path through the park and had to improvise. Viktor thought the prospect of spending a night in the woods exciting, and pointed out the survival advantage in bringing a milk-cow (me) along.

Beyond tired. Infection after infection after infection and lots of wake-up calls in the night. Sigge is developing - with a cold - and sleep is scanty. Viktor is happy to start his day at 5 am, pretending to be Jack Sparrow and duelling invisible fiends all over the flat. Cara has complex social interactions and need complex advice. And I am exhausted, just want to hide in bed for a month or two. But I managed to go to a friends seminar and bumped into one of my ex-supervisors and that reminded me that I am now doing what we talked about in 2005 - it all worked out to be the best possible scenario so I feel extremely unthankful and spoiled when I complain. It is just that I am so very tired at the moment and it would be good with a back-up system. Martin is no better off, haven't seen him for a few days, he isolated himself in the green room with civilization waiting for the cold to pass.

To kick-start myself I dragged the kids and my sister out for an autumn walk - and it worked. Scandinavian crisp, cold autumn air and colors and a little bit of exercise was just what we needed. Might sneak out for a swim tomorrow, think an hour or two on my own with no obligations would be good. The sweetness of summer disappeared into the demands of autumn and it is all very fine as long as we are well but sleep deprivation in combination with colds is awful. Next week might be better!

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