måndag 17 oktober 2011

More autumn

So beautiful it hurts. I love autumn.
Sigge has the best little teeth (a total of 2).
Fast food for tired mothers - all kids ate well, Martin was in bed and I didn't have to smell anything offensive with a sore belly.
Sunday night and lots of variations of nighties. Kids washed, fed, run off. All ready for a new week.

Some years ago we met a family on one of our holidays, they had twins that were four years old and a six year old and these lovely lively kids always pulled in opposite directions - like a triangle. We started talking at the dinner - the father was caught in between the twins and begged his uninterested six year old to get some help. The parents were fantastic, smiling ad happy and cool with all these energetic kids. Viktor was extra Rainman that holiday and wouldn't eat anything but olives and cucumber - for two weeks. Standing by the Great Barrier Reef we were talking parental strategies and this cool family swore by smiling, laughing and loving each other a lot - especially during tough times. Such a winning concept!

I often think of them at challenging times and the good thing about having had kids for a good ten years is that I know this awful time of infection upon infection upon infection will eventually finish and life will go back to normal. Until then I try to smile a lot, laugh at least once a day and love everybody a lot. Walking through Stockholm to Viktor's school helps. Today Sigge starting singing to St Mattew's passion and it was wonderful.

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