torsdag 13 oktober 2011

ten years of parenthood

Cara turned ten - we celebrated with meat - half a cow or so - chocolate cake and time together - Cara brought a friend home after school and will take a couple of friends bowling eventually. No parties this year - the Halloween disco we talked about is not on anymore and we are a little thankful - our evenings are booked out as is. As for who Cara is at the moment - it changes daily and there is no way knowing who she will become eventually. The best chance to get a glimpse of her mind is to go through my photobooth - a couple displayed. Cara has grown a lot lately and it is a privilege to be part of this phase of transition.

Martin and I talked about the first night with Cara, ten years ago, when she was just born, sleeping between us in our double bed and suddenly there were three of us. And we had no idea how to behave with this new being or how life would change. It was sweet to conclude that things turned out good.

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