tisdag 25 oktober 2011

weaning is getting different with time.

We try. We make all the politically correct mashes and mixtures, we add no salt.
We use only organic fruit and vegs. (Ekolådan rocks). We use only organic cold pressed rapeseed oil. The boy takes a spoon or two, swallows politely and then keep his mouth firmly shut. Friendly but firm is his strategy. Then he stretches out his arms towards our food and grunts. If we don't get it fast enough he shouts but usually Cara or Viktor has managed to sneak some proper food into his mouth long before he gets frantic. Our organic baby mashes usually ends up in the bin. Instead Siggis feeds on spetzle, gulash, pasta with tomato sauce, brownies, fish, rice, whatever the rest of us eats. There might be a survival potential in only eating what others eat. I guess our food tastes more and is of more interesting texture. I feel a little guilty breaking all the recommendations but Sigge decided to wean the South-American way - and who am I to stop him? As long as the majority of his food still consists of porridge, breast-milk and gruel I guess the odd meal won't kill him. It is just a matter of months before we'd let him share our food anyway. And it is fun to see another strong personality develop!

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