söndag 23 oktober 2011

We are back!

still tired but in recovery. Hot chocolate on a fine day in Haga helps!

Another few days without new infections and with undisturbed sleep and we will be just fine. Had another glorious autumn week-end - Martin's sister was visiting and Stockholm decided to show a pretty face. Mid-term break is coming up and it will be good - Viktor is tired and Cara just wants to sit inside and read. I am busy trying to find a way to work more efficiently. Rather than taking time-consuming jumbo-mumbo courses or getting a mentor or join the new national sport of getting a coach I talk to people and ask how they do. Pretty much wherever I can find them, yesterday at the first party in Viktor's class where it is striking that everyone is suffering over the immediate availability through mail and phones. I need to find a space to concentrate on the more important and diffuse aspects of my job than the day-to-day tasks. Which will be a great topic for next weeks developmental meeting with my boss. Now I will start my usual Sunday night work session...

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