fredag 2 september 2011

Back home

We survived my three weeks of full-time work. All of us. Sigge grew a lot and after a lot of dribbling and chewing we found two teeth. My little baby suddenly rolls from back to belly and has found a way to slide down his baby sitter to get his feet on the floor and the slides across the kitchen floor. And the boy laughs a lot and talks and eats porridge and some veggies. Today I brought Sigge to the lab to an informal seminar and realised the time of bringing him to work has passed - the student was doing a great job presenting data and Sigge saw the competition for my attention and started answering back - aoieeeo, a grrrrrr oiiiii aooooo - makes the most exciting presentation challenging. As soon as we were done Sigge relaxed into deep sleep - and then spent the rest of the day refusing the pram. And then Victor was knackered after the first full week in school and cracked it on the way home and Martin is arranging a bike race all week-end and Sigge shouted all afternoon for some reason - maybe more teeth coming, maybe the existential trauma of having had to share my attention with others. Cara saved the day when she came home with a plant she bought Martin for his Birthday. Might celebrate martin later this week-end but it seems he is pretty busy. All normal part of the parental experience but today was the first time I counted months until we have the right of day-care.

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