tisdag 6 september 2011

a little school-star

Viktor is such a little engineer and loved to play with mirrors and prisms to make colours on a white wall. Starting school was just perfect, he enjoys all the boys and they are like a little flock of mostly blond boys running in and out of school every day. And Viktor loves it. Makes me feel a little guilty for dumping Cara in a completely foreign environment in Melbourne when she started - but she is also very happy at the moment so I guess it ended well.
Not sure this shared parental leave experiment is going to work out - it is a little messy with people thinking we are available when we are on parental leave - meetings always turns out to be on the wrong days. So we get tired and run off and love each other instead - above a tired day at the Turrell exhibition - will post a couple of pictures from there - wonderful in Järna, a very alternative Rudolf Steiner inspired place south of Stockholm, they have a hospital too and one of the merriest day as a PhD student was when my department of microbiologists and immunologists had a kick-off there - the discussion re vaccinations were truly entertaining. Two worlds and a clash of gods. This time we just had good food and enjoyed the art - Viktor is very into vegetarism at the moment whereas Cara rolls her eyes if there is no meat. If she had it her way she would only have the meat and eats her food according to the tastiness - least tasty first and the best (ie meat) last. And to our relief this place catered for all tastes ad Cara had a mountain of meat and Viktor a heap of salad. We try to cater for all tastes at home and tell Vik he can just skip the meat and eat the rest if he wants to go veggie. And that is as big as our real problems are at the moment, life is pretty sweet in our little baby-bubble.

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