lördag 3 september 2011


We followed the metamorphism from larvae to cocoon to butterfly and it was magic to watch the birth of a butterfly in our flat - all larvae made it to butterflies and they ate the sugary water and lavender we prepared and it was all like a David Attenborough film, excellent present from Mum. And then it was time to say goodbye and let the butterflies loose - I was hoping they would stick around our balcony but they are truly gone.
And despite the current Star Wars passion I think this present brought on the biggest smiles in Viktor - although I am biased against the whole Star Wars hysteria. Note the gap - Viktor lost his third tooth recently - and when preparing for the tooth-fairy he found the second tooth that Martin lost behind his bed trying to exchange the tooth for money a few weeks ago. We are so bad at these things - so we told Vik to leave both teeth under the bed to see if he could get twice the going rate for teeth - and forgot the whole things - only to be woken up by Viktor in tears at 5 am - "the tooth fairy didn't come for my tooth" - nothing makes me feel as bad a parent as when I forget things that are important for the kids and irrelevant for us. It all ended well - with a long story on how the tooth fairy probably had to return to Neverland to get more cash.
Cara also underwent metamorphism dying her hair. Above with Viktor at a James Turrell exhibition out of town (excellent, will come back to that)
here a tired morning before school. Cara's red hair is fantastic and I hesitated a lot to let her die it black. But then I thought there are more important battles in life and hair grows back. And when it was done I realised this is just how I imagined Martin's daughter - it is like the red was a bit of a mistake in the genetic setup and now she looks the way she was supposed to. Very odd. Surely black will be followed by green and purple at some stage. and that will be fine too. I am just happy to be part of the metamorphism of children's development.

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