tisdag 6 september 2011

parental meeting

Little smörisar to be. I do love the kids school, I love that the teachers tell us to teach the kiddies to eat properly, tie their shoe laces, work with school stuff. At the same time I feel a little worried over all the changes in the school and wonder if it is really sane that an 86 year old should run our school. and it felt a little too cosy with the head being at the same funeral as my godmother the other week, in the parents I found an old school mate from high school, two classmates form the same school, a friend of a classmate, a sister of another classmate from ME, a collegue from Karolinska. or they found me. I was busy trying to keep Sigge happy - the time of bringing him to meetings is just gone - odd, he is so nice during casual lunches but as soon as he feels my attention is elsewhere he becomes active and noisy.

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