söndag 25 september 2011

Busy days

The most beautiful bride and in many ways my first baby.
Things are good - just busy. Last week-end Martin and I left the kids with my sister and went to Ambra's wedding - I used to look after Ambra some 24 years ago and we always liked each other a lot. Nowadays my kids adore her and her husband Christoffer - they live close and are in many aspects the definition of cool in our lives, only partly due to the fantastic parties they arrange - next up is Halloween. Martin and I had lots of fun at the wedding and Sunday was spent recovering. Gosh we are old! And Cara spent Friday afternoon hanging out at Ambra and Chris' place reading alternative magazines, watching star trek, cooking and eating. Somehow the extended family is really working out. And right now Viktor is downstairs for the first time playing with a little boy in the house. Life is good here at the moment.

Viktor is a proud schoolboy. Cara is developing integrity and independence. Sigge is growing exponentially and is a pure delight. But I am tired - Siggis had his second vaccination on Tuesday, developed a pretty brutal response and had swollen, tender thighs and a fever for a good three days - not sure what they use for adjuvants but I think they might be overdoing it a little. With that Sigge kept waking up through the nights and Martin is wonderful in all ways but somehow I do the nights better - and I was working in the clinic and at the Psoriasis association and trying to fix some things in the lab Wed-Fri. With a cold. I was getting a little stressed over my work situation - and then it dawned on me that I have another 30 years to work - this week will not matter too much. Don't think I have pictures of the kids to share - will look for them later.

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