tisdag 26 juli 2011

All these kids

At some point I will write a little more - for now I am busy cooking, cleaning, washing, reading stories, taking kids swimming, planning, kissing, arguing, it is all very wonderful. And breast-feeding a good three hours a day or so, the boy enjoys his food and that is hard to combine with anything but reading -- my book or reading to Viktor. My few quiet moments in a day I put on the computer and try to get back into work or take the bike out and try to get back into my body. Both with excellent carrots - back to work in a week and at last it feels like I have something going in the lab after a long time of building a platform. As for the body Martin and I are going to a wedding filled with beautiful young people in September and I want to look smashing and stay out all night drinking champagne with my husband.

For now I just want to enjoy every little moment. Sigge is grabbing, laughing, squealing, growing. And starting to eat a little porridge at 11 am - need to wean him softly as I will not be around in two weeks time. Starting work is always painful but if I want equality there are costs and most of them paid by setting maternal instincts aside. But he is fine with martin too and I firmly believe in our way of doing so. And life is a little painful I guess.

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