torsdag 7 juli 2011

Sigges world

Names are tricky for us, think it is a language issue. I like old Norweigan names and Martin doesn't. This time we had compromised on Sigrid Frances Mary - to be nick-named Sigge. For a boy we couldn't agree. Same as with Viktor who got his name after a cool immunologist that assessed my immunology knowledge - I was very very pregnant and really enjoyed that exam and his take on immunology as a subject. So when Viktor was almost born in our bedroom (Martin took forever to get Cara to my sister's) I hissed - if this baby is a boy he is a Viktor - and Martin wasn't going to argue with that. Not then and there, not later. I always felt a little bad for the lack of consensus when choosing his name - but the 3 weeks spent agreeing on Cara was just daft. Anyhow, there we were, all happy about Sigrid Frances and out comes a beautiful and extremely angry little boy who was anything but a little Sigrid. Definitely not a sigvard, sigfrid or sigidsmund. Martin looked at Sigge and suggested Marcus. It is a fine name. He does look like a Marcus. I always liked the name. But to me he is and remains Sigge - and this blog is about our first year together. I will put up pictures and try to capture little snippets of our life. Comments are always welcome and the idea is to try to overcome geographical distance to people important to us.

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