lördag 30 juli 2011

Last day on my own with the kids

lunching in a little cave - Cara made bulgursalad, we bought some bread, cheese and salami from the local delicatessen, water and fruit makes an easy picnic.
Cara and Viktor went looking for leeches
sigge talks to a leave...
....the leaves never answer...
...nevertheless leaves make wonderful baby-sitters as sigge can talk to them for hours.

The last three weeks with Martin working and me at home with all the kids have been busy but good. We have done a lot and very little and the days seldom turned out as we planned them but were more often than not enjoyed by all. Yesterday we went to a botanical garden close to us, tried a back-road and got caught in a wood - I had the pram and Viktor's bike and Cara swore all the way through twigs and stones. Amazing grasp of questionable parts of the English language. We got there in the end and sat down for a picnic in my favorite cave, close to fern heaven. And then we watched the crops and had some cake and met up with Martin, bought lavender for the balcony (our pansies finally died) and went for an evening dip in Brunnsviken. And now we look forward to a week together to hand Sigge over to Martin's tender care.

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