torsdag 28 juli 2011

Lazy days,

My life is focused on giving this little man the best possibilities to do his own thing - development just happens if the babies are in the right environment and I don't want to stress him out - thus we aim for lazy days. Cara would love to be left to read and play computer games through her 10-12 weeks of summer holidays (we dare not count) but instead we do a little every day and it works out really nice.

Viktor finds playgrounds everywhere and it seems I have managed to build little town-kids.
He loves this space under Grand Hotel - found it in the spring under purple pensies
and returned in the summer to show Cara on the way from the Museum of Modern Art - a perfect day out for us all, and it is funny how the main attraction often turns out to be something else that what we came for - there is a little sculpture park with some Picasso at the local MOMA and it was a good place for some sword-fighting but nothing beats this part of Grand Hotel.and then something happened and the game was off and we quickly moved away to new adventures.
Cara found a mirror and danced a little waiting for us to cross the streets.

There is a lot to say for having a holiday at home with a little baby, Cornwall was wonderful but had been a nightmare on my own. I have always loved Stockholm in July, another continent, very quiet, all the busy stylish stressed people are gone and replaced by tourists. Never done it with kids though - turns out that is even better. My first week of feeling bad for depriving the children the classic Swedish summer quickly disappeared and now we just enjoy this rare time together.

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