torsdag 28 juli 2011

Birthday Boy!

Happy as happy can be with the a new Star Wars game, new Star Wars bag, new Star Wars Lego. I am so over the successful Star Wars campaign (Viktor loves it but sometimes I wonder if on Star wars T shirt wouldn't be more special, materialism never got to me I guess) and look forward to starting Mum's Birthday present - a butterfly farm where we can follow metamorphism from eggs to butterflies.
We went to Mum's, made a cake (even the sponge and custard)

Mum and Cara are always in deep conversation
It was a good day, pancake breakfast followed by lunch and cake at Mum's followed by Viktor's favorite dumplings just down the road. In Viktor's world Mormor knows all about everything in the world. Mum loves that, chuckles that finally someone has discovered her true worth.

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