fredag 8 juli 2011

a little tribe.

Paddington - three kids, three huge bags, lots of small bags. We decided to avoid the tube but train and taxis worked well - much prefer trains to planes with kids and our logistics are pretty good - we have a drill and a role for all and the kids likes to take part.

Holidays with three kids in the time of night time feeds sounded like a nightmare to me. A cold and damp cottage in Cornwall, no internet, no mobile phone network, no television, computer games, game boy, wii. "Just the five of us and lots to explore" Martin exclaimed all excited. "Just another nose to dry snot of and more cooking and damp clothes trying to get rid of milky puke and poo" I replied with a pretty challenging camping holiday in France in mind - Viktor was only little and carsick and it was a mess.

Well, Martin proved me wrong and there was excellent washing and drying facilities on the farm we stayed at. We are back after two exciting weeks filled with different variations of rain, from drizzling to "lashing it down" and at the end a fair bit of sunshine. Martin posted a bit on Flickr, I will post a few piccies here too. My highlight was Tate St Ives - and the clotted cream. Thought double cream was heavenly - clotted cream even more so - and the local ice-cream was excellent too, preferably with clotted cream on top. Guess who is breast-feeding....

English beaches are beautiful and with enough clothes the wet and the cold can be forgotten. Cara is a little seal and swims when the rest of us are fully dressed. The last picture could have been me some 27 years ago - good to know a new generation is in action when it comes to crazy swimming in 13-16 degrees. Might come back to the last picture - a beautiful natural pool at one of the coolest beaches I have seen.

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