lördag 9 juli 2011

all this development

Such fun! grabbing - holding - pulling into the mouth - tasting, chewing with toothless gums.

only a week old - the boy has a temper- here we are still extremely symbiotic and skin-to-skin.
today-same T shirt but Sigge is on the other side.
we used to wrap him when he was very angry - it worked well and we guessed the world was just too big a place for him to take in.
last week he was all for exploring the world - here a room full of balloons. Makes it easier to move around but I miss the first magical weeks.

Sigge is doing all the little things he should do - development just happens - amazes me every time. And this time I relax, there is no existential dilemma understanding who I am now that I am a mother, there is no thesis to be written, the job will be the same when I come back, and I work a little to keep things afloat but for now I just try to be with sigge as much as possible. I marvel at Sigge grabbing hold of things and putting them in his mouth, I marvel at the initial GUIII that is being followed by GRR and NEI and lots of different sounds, communication works and he is so interested in conversations. I marvel less but can tell from his way of screaming whether he is pissed off, hungry or tired. The combination of the three makes him hysterical and I know how to avoid it. Me and my little baby in our symbiosis.

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